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257mm monosteel Gyuto

257mm monosteel Gyuto

Blade length: 257mm

Blade height: 58mm (at the heel)

Blade thickness: 3,4mm -> 0,9mm (3cm from the tip)

Overall length: 408mm

Weight: 238g

Steel: 1.2419 carbon steel

Bolster:  Aluminum

Spacer: black Micarta

Handle: vintage Micarta (approx. 50 years)


The blade is forged out of 1.2419 carbon steel. It has convex geometry and tapers at the spine from 3,4mm (near the handle), 2,2mm (middle), 0,9mm (3cm from the tip).

  • Knife care

    Note! The blade is made of carbon steel (not stainless) - it may rust and there will appear colorful patina on the blade. Check the "knife care" section for information about the maintenance.

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