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165 mm Go Mai Petty

165 mm Go Mai Petty

Blade length: 165 mm

Blade height: 41 mm (at the heel)

Blade thickness: 4,5 mm -> 0,8 mm

Overall length: 310 mm

Weight: 134g

Steel: Go Mai - 1.2419 carbon steel on the core, nickel and mild steel on sides

Bolster: G10 + copper

Handle: Stabilized Karelian Birch


The blade has convex geometry and tapers at the spine from 4,5 mm (near the handle), 1,8mm (middle), 0,8 mm (near the tip).

  • Knife care

    Note! The blade is made of carbon steel (not stainless) - it may rust and there will appear colorful patina on the blade. Check the "knife care" section for information about the maintenance.

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